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Will you still be sending orders during this lockdown?

Yes we are now sending essential items to essential businesses and those that are working from home

Can I purchase everything you have from your store?

We can only send items essential for working and learning from home. This includes (but is not limited to) all replacement parts, charging cables, USB hubs, chargers, protection for devices and any accessories that would hinder your work if you were without it. If in doubt, please contact us and we can assist you with whether it is an essential item or not.

Are you absolutely sure you’ll be delivering for the whole lockdown?

Unfortunately, no we’re not. While we had authorisation during the last lockdown, we are in constant contact with our courier service and are checking government announcements daily. Unless there is further restrictions placed, we will be staying open for the full level 4 lockdown. If this changes, we will update you on our announcement bar.

How can you stay open while other businesses are closed?

We are lucky enough to live onsite. We do only have 2 people working during this time (family members who live onsite) but sending orders will be our priority. We may be a little slower to respond to emails at the moment, but they will be answered within 24 hours.

Can I pick up my order?

I’m sorry no, not during this lockdown. The lockdown has been put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. It is important we make no contact with other people outside of the people you are self-isolating with. For this reason, we cannot allow pickups at this time.

Will my parcel be delivered overnight during the lockdown?

While we will be getting our parcels out daily, we cannot guarantee that parcels will be delivered overnight and would expect some extended timeframes. This is a new working environment we are stepping into and we do not know how busy the couriers will be and what travel around the country will be like for them. I would expect delivery to be slower than usual but please know that the parcel will be on the way and the couriers will be doing their best to get parcels to everyone in a timely manner. Keep checking the tracking number for updates and please be patient during this unprecedented time.

How will the Courier collect the parcels during the lockdown?

We have a room on the side of the building where parcels are collected by the courier. We will be placing the parcels in the room and vacating prior to the courier arriving. The courier will also be placing parcels for us in the room and we will collect once he has vacated.

What do I do if my order doesn’t come?

Please allow a few days for delivery to give the courier sufficient time during this busy period to get the parcel to you. If it does not arrive during this time, first check your emails in case we have emailed you with a problem with address or delivery. If nothing, email us or call us and we will do our best to support.

How will I get the parcel from the courier?

Normal delivery will apply for ‘authority to leave’ parcels. For signature parcels, the courier will bring the parcel to the door, they will knock, place the parcel on the doorstep and then move back at least two metres. The courier will not be collecting a signature from you, they will just ask for a name once you have collected the parcel and record it on the system. PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH A COURIER DRIVER!

What other precautions are you taking?

As a precaution we will be wearing gloves and a mask when handling and packaging items for an order as well as appropriate hand washing techniques.



What do I do if I’ve given you the wrong address?
Get in touch as fast as you can! We send our packages out promptly, but if you email us right away we can change the address.
When are my items shipped?
We package items every weekday morning, and the courier collects them at noon. If you order before noon, your items will be sent that very same day. If you order in the afternoon, they’ll head out in the next day’s deliveries.
Do you offer free shipping for large orders?
We do! If the items in your cart total more than $99, the shipping will be free to anywhere in New Zealand
I placed an order and realised I chose the wrong colour/size/style. Can I change it?
If you’ve picked the wrong item, email us as soon as possible.We ship things speedily, but if you can catch us before the daily 12pm courier collection, we’ll change your order. If the replacement item is more expensive, it won’t be sent until you’ve paid the additional cost.
If your item has arrived and you’ve realised it is the wrong thing, we will exchange it—you will just pay for the associated shipping costs.
Do you offer exchanges?
Yes, we do. We would like all of our customers to be happy with their purchases—if you are not, you can send it back within 14 days to receive a refund or exchange (less shipping costs).
My item has arrived, and it’s faulty! What do I do?
If you have received something that’s damaged or not working properly, we ask that you get in contact with us immediately. We have qualified technicians who can first work through some troubleshooting to check that it’s not user error (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us). If the item is indeed faulty, we will send you a prepaid courier label so we can replace it without you paying any extra shipping costs.
Can you hold items so I can pay later?
Sorry, as all of our listings are tied to actual stock, we can’t put anything on hold. We do, however, offer Laybuy, Afterpay and Zip as payment options. This allows you to pay it off in instalments, interest-free.
I’ve purchased an item but it’s now saying it’s sold out. What’s going on?
Our listings are tied to our actual stock, so if you purchase the last one of any particular item, it will then display as sold out. On rare occasions, our inventory indicates an item is in stock when it is not. If this happens, you will be notified right away and we will get it sorted.
I’ve purchased an item—why hasn’t it arrived?
If you have been sent no tracking details and the item has not arrived, it is likely that we've sent you an email about and issue with the order but this can sometimes get lost in spam folders. Check your junk mail to see if we have made contact. If there’s nothing there, contact us. Should your order include a battery, shipping may be delayed slightly due to laws regulating postage of batteries.
Been sent tracking details but still waiting on your item? It’s a matter for the courier service! First, check the link you were sent to see whether there has been an issue with delivery. If there is, call the Courier Service (Post Haste on (+420)448756330 or CourierPost (+420)448756330) to lodge a claim. If you need assistance with the process, please feel free to contact us.