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Top 6 Trends In iPhone Cases In NZ This Coming Summer

Posted on October 07 2022

As summer is just around the corner, you want to be sure that your iPhone is dressed for success and sporting the latest and coolest iPhone cases in NZ.

Read on to learn about the top 6 trends to dress up your phone for a sizzling summer season.

  1. The Quintessential Clear iPhone Cases In NZ

Midnight, Deep Purple, Graphite, Siera Blue and Alpine Green are just some of the wonderful iPhone colours available. And with such a stunning phone colour, it would be a shame to hide it in a cover. The ever-popular clear iPhone cases in NZ will highlight your phone’s natural beauty and still offer protection from scratches and impact damage.

  1. Glitter iPhone Cases In NZ

Release your “Inner Unicorn” with a glitzy glitter case this summer. Available in a range of colours, the stunning design of these cases not only enhances the appearance of your iPhone but will also protect your phone from abrasion, watermarks and fingerprints.

  1. Sports Cases

Sports cases are designed to be strong and durable for extra security, giving the ultimate protection to your phone as you engage in your favourite summer sporting activity. Airbags on all four corners mean that these stylish cases protect your phone from heat, dirt, scratches and impact damage.

  1. Paper Cut Weave Cases

The clever construction of these cases is highly absorbent of impacts offering superior protection from scratches and scuffs. The rectangular weave design is excellent at dissipating heat and, therefore, perfect for hot summer days. The flexible TPU material gives a good grip on the phone, further protecting it from falls from sweaty hands.

  1. Glaze Gradient Cases

Luxury gradient plating technology is applied to these stunning iPhone cases in NZ to reveal different colours as you look from different angles. Paired with precise raised cutouts for the camera and buttons, they offer superior protection too. These modern cases are tough, durable and give a perfect fit.

  1. Marble iPhone Cases In NZ

These thin, lightweight cases personify a summer feeling and give protection to your iPhone without the bulk. The beautiful marble pattern looks great and is smooth to the touch without being slippery. Raised edges offer protection from scrapes, scratches and other damage, and precise cutouts give easy access to charging ports and speakers.

To find the latest, coolest iPhone cases in NZ, contact hireedgerecruiting today. Please browse our online store for a huge range of the trendiest cases to ensure your iPhone is dressed for success this summer. We stock accessories and parts for laptops, tablets and mobile phones.


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